“Success Story of Jyothibasava ”



Savithri Mallappa Hallur is from Darmahatti village which is 20 kilometers away from Belgava district mentioned as one of the remote areas, They are as a Joint family of 42 members, her father and mother are working in agriculture and looks after the family, she has 3 siblings second one got married and elder brother is studying BA final year and younger one works as driver.

She was born with good health, when savithri was studying 8th standard she got fever no one took her to hospital and then her leg stared becoming vulnerable,

as days passed and a year passed by, leg became numb.

Savithri is from joint family, but unfortunately no one is to take care of her. Her parents were financially suffering to spend on her health issue. Father’s eldest brother is the head of the joint family he was ignoring savithri’s health issue that made her to think about a job.She came to Bangalore in search of job and was working at garment factory earning Rs.3,000/-

At Alamba’s Job Sensitizing program she came with hope, and joined Pankh-Job-linked Retail Training at ALAMBA Campus , she was very active in the training and also had confidence in her which finally indulged her in getting selected as Cashier in the Hyper city with all the benefits like EPF and ESI. she is planning to undergo medical treatment and also supports her parents.