Our Vision

A society which values diversity, respects equality and realizes the full potential of persons with disabilities in order to build a better world for all.

Our Mission

To advance the human rights of persons with disabilities and providing them right career opportunities after giving suitable training to them.

Our Principles

To promote solidarity among and equal treatment with full respect in all of its work non-discrimination on any grounds including disability.

Alamba Charitable Trust is an Organization registered, in the year 2004, in view of meeting the challenging problems of the poor and the needy in the society. Started a residential care center for youth with disability of (Age -18 to 35) for both (female and male).

Youth with disabilities experience discrimination and social exclusion in
every aspect of their lives. It is a consequence of the combined impact of rejection of difference, poverty, social isolation, prejudice, ignorance and lack of services and support starts from the family showing discrimination from the normal children, not raising the hidden power in them. Negative beliefs about what causes disability and the limitations of people with disabilities are often firmly held and difficult to dispel. Disability can be associated with punishment for past sins or bad luck, and may be considered ‘contagious’. So they sacrifice their children to some orphanage or NGO where they get education.

After education, comes career which is a challenge for a every human being, Despite of the reservations provided by the government we still face unemployment. As inability keeps poking them, they slowly go to depression.

Alamba cracks all these crucial family challenges by focusing on remote rural areas where the youth with disability are considered and mobilized. We provide them free services like – health counseling, life skills training, attitude building, nutritious food, accommodation with all motivation supporting and sharing their mental stature.

Alamba Charitable Trust, provides livelihood and sustainable training support for such youth.

Ms.Rita ( President) Founder Trustee

Ms. Rita was born in Bangalore, she graduated in commerce. As she is also physically challenged and faced most of the problems and challenges throughout the life, she had a strong intention and burden to help people like her. She worked at Samuha an NGO for 6 years at community based program, she also worked for Adult literacy program, an death of young lady with disability while working at field at some rural interior part of village. This made her determine save the lives council and sensitize to serve disability youth’s ladies. She believes in parable of Good Samaritan

Mr Xaviour Thomas (Director) Co-Founder Trustee

Mr. Xavior Thomas is born and brought up in Alapuzha district, Kerala. He settled in Bangalore with his wife. He has more than 50 years of experience in the field of rural development (government project) working in Meghalaya state northeast India. He worked with government projects and also among HIV affected and AIDS people. He joined with Rita to make his dream to empower and encourage disabled people. Now he is fully engaged social service with disabled people.

Mr. Nagesh HV ( Secretary ) Co –Founder Trustee

Mr. Nagesh Born in Paduvarahalli , Mysore District. Graduated in Business Administration. He started getting motivated while child hood, he use to help his aunt and father stared literacy program for scavengers, while he was working at samuha he started computer literacy program for youth at slum in south Bangalore. to support he stared small computer servicing center. After Mr. Nagesh parents death he is completely dedicated to serve disability. He feels that Social service to passions and its Gods call , his definition of social service is ready to serve from ground level or no hesitation to serve at least level.

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